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  • The Union Contract With the Agency

  • Grievance & ULP Forms in Word 97 Format

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                                       Updated 11/28/2016

Hours Of Work

History Of The 10-12 Hour Rule

WebTA 4.2 MOU dated 10/13/2016     

Labor-Management Agreement - 2008

Our contract with the agency in simple "Word" format.
Can be read / word-searched with the WordPad
word processor program that comes installed with
every copy of Windows 95, or with any version of
Microsoft Word

Term Employees MOU dated 5-14-2015  



here (then save to download file) File Size: 1.2 mb

Online Forms
Be sure to use the "PageLayout View" (select PageLayout from
the View menu in Word or Explorer) to properly view/edit these forms!!!

Grievance & ULP Forms:

Note: These forms work only in Microsoft Word 97 (or higher version of Word).

  • Grievance Form (Right-click, Save...) 58Kb
    Form updated 11/09/2002
    This form is titled "Midwest Council..." -- after downloading, simply edit the text in the title to conform to your Council (North Central, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, Western, Southern, Northern, or Northeast) and save the changes.

  • GRIEVANCE LOG SHEET- Year 2002(Right-click, Save...) 90.5KB

  • ULP Form (Right-click, Save...) 67 Kb

  • back of ULP form (Right-click, Save...)23 Kb

  • ULP LOG SHEET- Year 2002 (Right-click, Save...) 90.5KB

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A Few Navigation Tips:

  • Edit these forms in the "PageLayout" View (found in Word's VIEW menu).
  • Use your mouse cursor to select areas to edit rather than using the TAB key.
  • Don't panic if you make a mistake - use the Undo button, or press Ctrl-Z to "undo" an unwanted action.
  • The Grievance Form is titled "Midwest Council..." but is easily edited to suit your particular Council by simply changing that text after the download, and saving the changes.

Any problems using these forms, please let me know at


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